378 – Oxygen and Nitrogen

The experiment was not only of great practical significance, but it also served as an excellent educational opportunity. Therefore, in addition to the main participants: Agatha, Sylvie, Chavez, and Kyle Sichi, Roland also called the rest of the Witch Union members along with Carter, Iron Axe and Barov. In order to accommodate the large crowd, the fifth laboratory was selected since it was the largest and most spacious one.


Status update

First of all, not dead, not yet at least. Some days ago I got sick, as many of you already know. One day, suddenly I went to the toilet and peed blood, which as per common sense, scared the crap out of me. Some hours later, I started to feel escalating pain in the lower … Continue reading Status update

377 – Below Zero

The boiler heating system was not really that complicated, essentially it only boiled the water turning it into steam that then was piped into the rooms, and had its heat spread from the radiator. To transport the heat, he could either use water or steam, but Roland decided for the latter, since steam could reach a higher temperature, and it was more convenient to the circulation system.

375 – Last Wish

The basement of the Eltek mansion was a familiar place for Ferlin. When he was a kid, he used this place as his own adventuring spot, exploring and searching through all the dusty boxes and finding all sorts of different and strange things, it was a very fun game for him. Obviously, his father eventually found out and after beating him up, he banned him from entering the basement alone again, but Ferlin would always find a way to sneak in.