Thank you!

First of all, I'd love to thank everyone for your support, not only everyone who comes and read my translations, but to the staff behind it, they didn’t want to be named, but those of you in discord already know who they are. And also to the community of translators, I feel amazed by the … Continue reading Thank you!

364 – Two Images

The snow falling outside the window had increased, when the small snowflakes appeared, they scattered and engulfed the sky over the town.. The grey-white flakes danced in the wind and fell to the ground in a crammed way, having the white rooftops and tree branches that were covered in a white layer merge into one. Such sight would be enough to make people feel the cold.

Quick heads up

Currently I'm writing this post with what's left of my phone battery. So... seems like I forgot to pay the electric bill. Which means no chapter today, I went to a friend's to borrow to pay the bill but it seems like I'll have power back until tomorrow (hopefully) or in worst case scenario the … Continue reading Quick heads up

361 – Expansion

According to the written records, the most important part of large-scale nitroglycerin manufacturing was temperature control, since a large exothermic reaction could easily cause the sensitive explosives to blow up. As long as the temperature of the large reaction container was constant, you could safely produce nitroglycerin in bulk.