372 – Leisure Time

A week later, Border Town received the last month of autumn with a heavy snowfall. As Roland walked towards the window to observe the sight outside the office, he could see contrasting figures over the white and snowy roofs moving busily—it was a work that the townspeople needed to do every day, shovel the snow from the rooftops, in order to avoid it crushing them down.


371 – Heart of the Forest

As Roland walked to the center of the garden, he couldn’t help but to stare at it. At the end of the garden’s passageway, a small room built entirely out of plants welcomed him, the trees’ trunks and the enhanced crops formed up the walls, the vines hung overhead, spread in a crisscross pattern as if being carefully woven by someone, and among their green leaves, the glittering grapes hung in bundles.

Announcement #3? 4?

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370 – Rhythm

Three days later, Roland received a positive reply from the Honeysuckle’s eldest son. “I am willing to continue serving you, and so will the Honeysuckle Household,” he bowed and said, “I will definitely persuade my father, he, compared to other nobles… is different.”

367 – The First Step Towards Building a City

As Petrov walked out of the cabin, his nose didn’t perceive the smell of rotten wood one would expect, the trestle at the side of the ship was obviously new, but the old wharf had been expanded to twice its former size, and walking over it no longer made a squeaky sound. Stepping on the pier gave out a reassuring sound—apparently the joints between the planks were very reliable, and the materials were also rather thick.