358 – Rejection


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This was not a wild guess, the human civilization was perfect proof of that.

From the Stone Age to the Iron Age, humanity had spent nearly 1 million years, but the time it took from the Iron Age to the Steam Era was less, only 3,200 years. Then from the Steam Era into the Electric Era it only took humans 150 years, and it became progressively less, requiring only a mere 50 years until they directly arrived at the Information Era.

From what Agatha disclosed, the Devils were not a stagnated group. Over 800 years ago, they and humans had a similar mode of fighting, bringing bronze and pig iron shields into close combat, and to fight witches, some high rank Devils also wore God Punishment Stones. On the siege warfare side, when facing against the wall-mounted ballistae, the Devils basically had no effective methods to cope with these long-range attacking weapons other than trebuchets, and often had to pay with heavy casualties to conquer a city. If not for their natural monstrous strength, he was almost certain that the ultimate victor of the first War of Divine Will would have been humanity.

But by the time of the second War of Divine Will, the other side had already developed a method to mass produce magic stones. Different ethnic groups had been created among them, with different types of Devils to serve various tasks, now even a large number of Devils possessed the means to attack from long range. Listening to what Agatha explained, they even made use of magic stones to power transport tools and engineering equipment! And now that more than 400 years have passed, what would they have evolved into?

Roland had originally thought Agatha could bring him close to the magic stone technology from the Exploration Society, and thus, opening a new road of industrial development. But he didn’t expect this new technology would come from the enemy. So, the upcoming battle against the Devils was likely to turn into a war of industrial science versus magic stone science.

Whoever develops faster will achieve the final victory.

Reaching this conclusion, Roland couldn’t help but to sigh, it seemed he and Tilly needed to discuss things as well.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

After having dinner, Roland invited Tilly Wimbledon into his office.

Seeing the other party arrive alone, he felt quite happy that at least in terms of trust, there had been considerable progress.

“I heard from Nightingale that you wanted to talk with me about something.” she said as she sat down, going straight to the point.

“Yes.” Roland poured a cup of tea and handed it over to her, “The main point is how to deal with the third War of Divine Will, as well as our future.”

Tilly received the cup and stared at him, as if asking him to continue.

“From the words of Agatha, the Four Great Kingdoms are nothing but a small corner of the land. In the formerly prosperous Fertile Plains, mankind has already lost twice at the hands of the Devils, and had to retreat to this narrow place. And according to the time left before the Stone Gate opens again, the third War of Divine Will is not far off.” Roland hesitated for a moment, then frankly said, “I was hoping you could stay here.”

Tilly was startled, but then with a light smile she said, “I didn’t think you would say that.”

“The Devils’ strength is unpredictable, we must gather all the power we can get our hands on if we hope to have a chance at winning this war. Although Agatha said that the first War of Divine Will was fought with the collaboration between humans and witches, it was likely just a collaboration on the surface, and was not much different from the second War of Divine Will, if at all.” He then continued with a sincere tone, “You also noticed, some of the memories that are in my mind have the knowledge of weapons capable of defeating the Devils. So once these ideas are transformed into reality, the strength of humans will burst beyond your imaginations. If the witches are responsible for building revolutionary machines, then it is the right choice for ordinary people to go fight in the war. After all, in the impending war that is coming, every one of them would be equally strong.”

“… …” Tilly slowly drank a sip of tea but did not reply, causing Roland’s heart to sink.

But it was useless to worry about this, so with a composed expression, he quietly waited for the other party to open her mouth.

Almost half a minute later Tilly finally sighed, breaking the silence, “If I choose to stay, what would the witches of Sleeping Island do?”

Does this means… You agree? Roland was trying to contain his excitement, “Have them all come to Border Town, they will be gladly accepted here. I will assign a special territory for the witches’ housing, and their treatment will be the same as those in the Witch Union– Oh, I won’t force them to join the Witch Union, they will still be led by you, and the assigned area will be equivalent to a self-governing zone in the western region. This would facilitate cooperation while also improving our mutual understanding.”

“The treatment will be the same for everyone?” she could not help to laugh slightly, “Even if you don’t ostracize them based on their abilities, you must know that not all of them have a way to fight for you.”

“No, no,” Roland waved his hand, “in the cooperation model I envision, the support witches can play an even bigger role than combat witches. They might not strengthen themselves, but in return they can increase the power of millions of common people– no, it’s not like they lack in combat power, they only lack the knowledge to use their strengths. In this regard, the abilities of the support witches are extremely high.”

“So that’s what you were really up to?” Tilly shrewdly asked.


“Indeed, a condition with many merits,” Tilly smiled as she shook her head, “publicly, I cannot refuse to fight against the Devils with you, and between us, I’d like to stay here too and learn all that interesting knowledge… But right now I can’t promise you that.”

This surprised Roland and subconsciously asked, “Why?”

“Since I am the leader of Sleeping Island witches, they cannot move based only on my personal preferences. Once we relocate to the western region, this organization is bound to lose its independence, and in the face of any change, they will be powerless to resist it. And let’s say one day some conflict arises, would all the witches be able to pack their bags and go back to Sleeping Island again?”

“No, how could there possible be–”

“I cannot place their future on a simple vocal promise.” Tilly said, interrupting Roland. “If you were me, based purely on an allies’ relationship, would you leave them all completely on their own?”

Roland suddenly stiffened, the answer hardly needed any thinking. If he were to encounter such a choice, it would not be easy to agree. Most of the time, the closer one gets, the easier it is for conflict to appear. Like the saying goes: befriend those far away and attack those close nearby. Even emotional relations were the same.

“Look, your concerns are the same as mine.”

“But… you are my sister, I would never harm you.” Roland had to make one last effort.

“I am… but I still cannot trust in your reasons,” she wore a sad expression as she closed her eyes, “that’s why I can’t promise it right now.” She paused, trying to abandon these thoughts, “Let’s get along as allies for the moment– I’ll fully support the expansion of Border Town, if there is a witch you need, I’ll try to meet your request as soon as possible… And if the time comes when it is hard to resist the attacks of the Devils, you can always come to Sleeping Island and spend the rest of your days living a peaceful life. This is all I can promise you right now.”




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77 thoughts on “358 – Rejection

  1. Diplomacy is hard stuff. :/

    I really liked this line, “I cannot place their future on a simple vocal promise.” Shows that Tilly too is a leader with substance.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Roland stood on the wide plains, his giant army in tow. A distant sound snaked out from the dense red fog, sending chills down the spine of all those present…


      Roland’s eyes grew wide as he screamed in terror… “ZERG RUSH!!!”


  2. Thanks for the chapter!!

    Roland, Roland….. Roland. So you want all theTilly’s group to move to Border Town and abandon the Fjords?
    Give up an outpost in relatively safe grounds? Also lose affection points belittling the efforts they put to make their own house there? Are you sure you are a gamer Roland?

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    1. Save ground! are u sure about that? once the war start all humanity will be under siege, Sleeping island is relying on trade with other islands to get their food, which I’m not sure that will continue in the mid of a total war, their defenses don’t amount to anything, even if they got guns their population is still too small to defend against the devils, the devils can fly and they are surrounded by water, so they have no place to back up into, thats imo make it much less likely that they will survive compared to staying at Border town even if Ronald can’t be completely trusted.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. still roland was anxious for the future, the devils are a real fucking problem if the war its to burst in a few months, but he need a better way to put this alliance together.


      2. Actually yes I think going by what we know atm it’s relatively safe in the Sleeping Islands. Friendly neighbors in the Fjord, no church presence and manageable demon beasts.

        Barring any asspulls the devils don’t just spawn willy nilly everywhere on earth. We only know of one red mist danger ground and it’s more of a danger for Border Town than an island far off the sea.

        And I’m pretty sure they’re not talking about wartime circumstances here. They already agreed to mutual support in urgent times beforehand, this is about Roland expecting to assimilate the whole of sleeping island witches into Border Town when probably both sides are not ready for yet.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Actually, devils have a flying city/island on their arsenal, which is what the witch union first discovered and also how they nearly got wiped out as well. They can probably use that to reach different sections of the world easily.

          But I actually agree with you, Roland is probably getting more paranoid about the devils and their capabilities, and Tilly rejecting his proposal is highly understandable. To be honest, Tilly really is a nice leader since she contemplated about what is the right course of action for her loyal subordinates. Even though border town may indeed be a safe haven for witches atm, but what about the future when we already know the unpredictability and harshness of human beings. And how they would change the rules if ever they would start getting scared whenever a witch is involved. Bear in mind witches may live for a very long time, but they can die easily as well. It is definitely best that Tilly rejected him since she should just focus in developing sleeping island alongside with some witches to make it more self sufficient and safe from any forms of danger.


        2. Have u forgotten sleeping island rely on trade what u gonna do when all trade route has been conquered and only sleeping island is left with too many citizen or people living on it. All i can say if Bordertown Falls its The End of the world.


        3. I think you all forgot the ruins in sleeping islands, the empty ruins, in a place supposed to be far from the church influence zone. The ruins with a direct view to a huge stone gate on a cliff…

          I believe it’s highly improbable for the devils to only invade and make humanity retreat in a single direction… maybe, after 2 war of divine will, the front lines went far enough around the world to join back.
          Maybe humanity is already surrounded and while border town will fight enemy comming from the west, sleeping islands will in turn become the first target of the enemy coming from the east.


      3. What makes you think the Devils know about Sleeping Island? or even if they do, would they bother going there?

        There’s no tell, so far, as what role had the Fjords in the last Wars of Divine Will.

        Also, is not confirmed that the ruins found by Tilly were built by the old Federation witches and most likely it was not built by Devils.


        1. There are demons that does not need the mist to run around. Also if you look at it this way, There are humanoid demons, Beast demons, Flying demons there is no way that there are no sea demons. sea creatures that were affected by the demons xD hahaha


  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    Well kind of expected, but Tilly is a idiot…. shes to narrow minded and its the same narrow mindedness that made them loose the last 2 wars.

    Roland is able to make sue of any witch ability and help them increase there skills and evolve, though Tilly wants all witches to be treated equally its already shown that non combats witches in her group are not look at in the same light as combat witches, i feel tills is also afraid that if she brought all the witches to Boarder town she would loose control as Roland treats them all the same and believe that all there abilities are useful.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. How is it being an idiot to be wary of a stranger in your brother’s body and be cautious about decisions that involves the well being of the people under you?

      Sure sure Roland’s the hero of the story and for the greater good his plan do have real merits. But what he offers Tilly at this stage is such a weak ass, poorly thought and lamely laid out proposal.
      “Hey gimme all your witches and come live in my land with all my people so we can have a joyful cooperation against the enemies! What, their security? Independence? Freedom? Doooon’t worry it’s all gunna be fine! Trussst me, I’m your onii-chan!”

      Really now?

      Liked by 5 people

      1. sadly its the true, but lets say roland was kinda desperate since this thing with the devils SEEMS REALLY fucking dangerous, roland need a few chapters to put his shit together and deal a real offer to the alliance.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. That’s why i said it was expected he was rejected.

        Perhaps idiot was the wrong work but i still say that Tilly is narrow minded, after hearing everything and clearly understand the strength that boarder town holds then the best choice would be to merge. But the line ““Since I am the leader of Sleeping Island witches, they cannot move based on their personal preferences”, shes worried about them loosing there independence but isn’t she forcing her own view on them making the choice on there behalf, Hence why i said it feels like shes more worried that by bringing the witches to boarder town as she will loose control over some if not most of the witches, if she responded that she would allow the other witches to make up there own mind then i wouldn’t said anything but to me it seems like Tilly isn’t making a choice that would benefit them all, shes making a choice Under the fear of loosing control.

        I hope its not the case just stating what it seemed like.

        ** i apologies for grammar or spelling, i am at work and responding to this through my phone so i am not reading through before i post**


        1. Uhh yeah?
          That’s what leaders do, make decisions for their people. She leads, the witches follow.

          The way I understand that line, she was actually thinking of her people there. Her people WILL follow her to Border Town if she chooses to but she was worried that she CAN’T take responsibility for them once they’re there BECAUSE for all intents and purposes Roland holds all the power there AND she can’t trust him or the people of Border Town that much just yet.

          Plus I’m not convinced of it being the best choice for her. Seriously, what’s in it for Sleeping Islands witches?
          The power of firearms? Steam technology? Scientific knowledge to evolve? Roland has already agreed to supply some of them to Sleeping Islands without coming over to Border Town iirc.
          The security of Border Town? That power that she can’t trust yet to not be used against her people? Location wise it’s also a huge question mark to compared to Sleeping Islands.

          The way I see it perhaps compartmentalization would work better. Roland’s side focuses on rushing down the Industrial tech tree and Tilly’s side can take over and continue Agatha’s research on magitech, she’s only a seed of trouble with her attitude to stay in Border Town anyway. Then both sides can exchange tech as needed.

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    2. Wow, you sound like those guys that go crazy when a girl reject them. Dude don’t take it personal but rejection sometimes happen, and actually Tilly did not reject Roland, she made a half-promise for the future.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Tilly sabe que Roland no le esta diciendo toda la verdad aun sobre la historia personal de el convirtiendose en otra persona, por esa UNICA razon no confia en él lo suficiente para mandar a mudarse ahora.


  4. Yeah honestly I thought Roland is a bit too eager and overreaching here too.

    In a sense they truly only barely met and start getting to know each other. At this stage he’s asking way too much of her while only giving vague promises he can’t guarantee to keep.

    Their current relationship of supporting each other and consolidating both their foundations are pretty good already with plenty of room to slowly develop. There’s really no need to rush swallowing each other and risk friction before both sides are ready.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Roland’s impatience makes sense the longer this battle with the demons is dragged out, the more likely he is to fail. the fact that demon society is capable of adapting and creating new technologies means that if Roland doesn’t quickly exceed the technologies of the demons and gain momentum in the fight against them they will adapt and create technologies to counter him, if they don’t already have some. Roland realizes he needs to kick his plans into overdrive in order to ensure his victory, he needs to land a crippling blow on the demons because time is of the essence. in order for him to achieve that he needs more witches then the few that he has. in the end there is a huge need to rush though Roland was a bit tactless with his proposal he knows if he can’t increase the number of witches at his disposal humanity is screwed. he needs a lot more witches then the small pittance of 5 witches that his sister granted to him before.


  5. Looks like Tilly hasn’t been fully broken yet. She’s still feisty. Roland needs to keep up with his mind-breaking skills. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  6. I can kind of understand Tilly’s reluctance in not wanting to move over the witches. If the average person had the power to stop a witch then witches could be exploited by regular humans with force. in Roland’s new society the valued witches would flip on their head, any pure combat witch wouldn’t hold any real value since they contribute less to society then a support witch who can enrich the lives of thousands thus creating a new kind of discrimination. the new place of the witches would be as societies servants. while Roland is still alive their freedom for the most part will be maintained this might change once hes dead as the status of witches could be lowered to a civil slave where all witches are forced to work for the government. Granted this is only a worst case scenario.

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  7. Time to hope that Roland ditches Anna and picks up Tilly as his waifu.

    Does it count as incest if you’ve been reborn into the brothers’ body?


  8. From diplomacy side, I agree and admire Tilly to refuse such good offer, but from personal side, she just those damn self-proclaimed “leader” who afraid losing her position, just like the chapter before which she mention felt defeated by his brother, so i can’t see her move pure protecting “independence” when she still want to lead them. Independence is when someone not ruled/lead by others.


    1. no matter how good a proposal is if you can’t trust the other party yet it amounts to nothing. She is sitting in front of the man who abused her for many years, suddenly grow a conscience, act like a complete different person with unexplainable obscure knowledge, for some unclear reason gather witches, has military and technological might that she can’t hope to match. If I were her I would stay clear of that anomaly too until I’m absolutely clear it will not blow up in my face.


  9. Thanks for the chapter! I have 1 problem with what Tilly said. I was okay with everything else since she has to think about the other witches but she has said one thing repeatedly for the past few chapters as well and that’s, “you can always come to sleeping island”. Basically she thinks he’s gonna fail even with everything he has shown or she wants to keep power. I don’t really know and don’t want to think to deeply into this but I’m just angry. Say somethig along the lines of, “Fight them back” or “Resist them as much ad you can and win”. Jeez, *sigh* whatever.


    1. no matter how good a proposal is if you can’t trust the other party yet it amounts to nothing. She is sitting in front of the man who abused her for many years, suddenly grow a conscience, act like a complete different person with unexplainable obscure knowledge, for some unclear reason gather witches, has military and technological might that she can’t hope to match. If I were her I would stay clear of that anomaly too until I’m absolutely clear it will not blow up in my face.


  10. Thanks for the chapter~

    Glad that you’re healthy again!
    Hope you can catch up the update pace and it’ll be really wonderfull if you even can comeback to your old pace (2 chp/day)! Thanks for the hardwork


  11. I wan’t to join this heated discussion too.

    Tilly doesn’t have the same vision as Roland did, because she and her brother are from different world and era, so it make sense if she reject it. But I can see it in this chapter that Roland, who was always cool and collected feel so worried about incoming war. Onii-chan that our Imouto know are kinda useless dandy womanizer, it takes time for her to accept her new grand Onii-sama.

    I believe in the future chapter, Tilly herself will come into Roland.


  12. They are low on time and need to urgently combine their efforts to make technological progress in order to even have a chance against the devils yet they are still squabbling amongst each other…this is why the Devils are winning.

    Tilly knows she’ll eventually lose her position of power if she moves to Border Town, which is half of her hesitation. Retreating to the Islands? Who is she kidding?! That’s just putting off the inevitable…The irony is, it is pretty clear the support witches will get much much better treatment with Roland. If she can’t see that then she is blind!

    There are immediate steps that need to be taken here. First, all witches have to urgently go through school and acquire modern knowledge Roland brought. This has to happen regardless of what Tilly’s plans are as without evolution her little gang is doomed regardless. 2nd, all witches that can aid scientific progress need to gather in Border town and work together toward that goal.

    Sure, Roland may have been slightly rash here but to outright decline without thinking about the proposal and possibly negotiating while knowing the gravity of their situation is mostly selfishness on her part.


    1. Tilly agreed on keep sending witches to Border Town and her rejection was not strong but temporal? So why so much fuzz over it?


      1. I think it has been made painfully obvious to everybody (in the story) in the last chapters that the war is coming very soon and their adversary is much stronger than they anticipated and the chance they have is Roland’s technology along with a full scale cooperation with all the witches available. For starters this means that ALL the witches need to undergo Border Town education ASAP regardless of what happens later.


    2. no matter how good a proposal is if you can’t trust the other party yet it amounts to nothing. She is sitting in front of the man who abused her for many years, suddenly grow a conscience, act like a complete different person with unexplainable obscure knowledge, for some unclear reason gather witches, has military and technological might that she can’t hope to match. If I were her I would stay clear of that anomaly too until I’m absolutely clear it will not blow up in my face.


  13. Roland needs to understand that he’s a new person in this world. The change in personality is too much for someone who’s known him for the worst part of his life which is most of his life. It would be difficult to trust. Tilly already is being extremely rational.


  14. Honestly it’s better to not have the SI witches not actively needed for war production stay on sleeping island. It’s cheaper only leasing powers you need, and having all the witches in one place close to the front lines creates a spectacular target of opportunity to the demons.


  15. Tilly’s own witches discriminate against their own support witches. Roland and his witches have shown that they do not discriminate against support or some of Tilly’s witches. Some of her own witches wanted to stay in Border Town, and she is worried about discrimination? I guess she is not as smart as she is made out to be.


    1. What if, just what if…
      …sleeping island is not as united as Roland thinks, and bringing all the witches could cause more harm than good at this moment.
      Tilly has enhanced intellect, so maybe there is some unknown reason for not accepting.
      (Yeah, my opinion of Tilly is fairly high since pretty much the beginning)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If they cause more harm than good to Roland, Nightingale alone could take care most of them. Then there is Ana, not to far off from being a Green Lantern (manifesting almost anything through imagination). However, if that is not the case, the witches coming to Border Town will be charmed by the city and Roland.


        1. So you’re advocating eliminating altogether the non-cooperative witches via Nightingale? What the hell, are you trying to gain their cooperation as allies or are you coercing their labor as a domineering conqueror?

          In the first place where did this sense of false urgency comes from?
          Yeah the devils are coming, the better and faster prepared they are then good but we’re talking years in scale here right?
          Some thing just have to be done properly and be given time to sink in.
          Be it industrial revolution, magitech research or factional relationships, minimizing risks is key.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. You are literally a random passerby. Did you not read what @Seki wrote? He insinuated some witches may bring harm, so they might be hostile. I never mentioned about eliminating the other witches or turning to force labor, you assumed I did. Nightingale can kill, subdue or kick them out of Border Town, or become a deterrent to the witches that may have bad intentions. Roland has not force any witches to do anything yet, he gives them a choice.

            Roland and Border Town may be able to fight the Devils alone. Having more witches is a plus and gives him a chance to act faster. As for urgency, it has not been mentioned how long they have. It could be months, or it could be years, which again you assume it is years.


      2. That’s the thing, considering her supposedly enhanced intellect, why does she keep bringing up the idea that they could just retreat to the islands? The devils will get there eventually and there they won’t have the resources to nor the population to put up any significant fight or to make any industrial progress. Does she not understand just how dire their situation is? It should also be pretty clear that only Roland’s technology has any chance to beat the devils (unless she is willing to volunteer for the god punishment army lol)…


  16. The most she could do is meet him 50/50 send half of the support witches or whatever witches there for a year or so let them live and assimilate, monitor and judge the situation at the end of that one time span ask the witches how they feel about being there and permanently living there And make a decision there. To me she’s being an unreasonable coward. She is not even trying to work with him (on a full scale) to busy worrying about her own feelings. Which shows the immatureness on her part.


    1. …. Is everyone seriously missing the fact that Roland and Tilly DOES have a cooperative agreement before this chapter?

      Everything you people want them to do they ARE already doing. Trade, information exchange, research and education, military support etc.
      All the above still stands, the only thing Tilly rejects here is moving her entire population to Border Town, which everyone have to admit brings a whole lot of unknown variable to the table. And you’re just supposed to blindly trust that nothing bad is going to happen? Pfft

      Maybe that’s not good enough for some but maybe try looking at it from the perspective of the other side…
      Just because Roland’s ultimately right and he needs it RIGHT NOW doesn’t mean everyone else would just bend down to his will, they all have their own circumstances. The only immature one in all this is the one throwing a tantrum after not getting what he wants. Fortunately that’s neither Tilly nor Roland.

      Personally I like it better this way, it makes a more interesting story.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Well, I saw this coming the moment Roland demonstrated the intention to ask Tilly to join him. She is super paranoid about everything non-witch, and seems to have a bit of pride in being their leader, besides caring for them.

    Combine her paranoia of anything non-witch, with her history with Roland, add in the fact that she cares for the witches, and on top of that her pride in being their leader, with the perks and quirks it brings, and there’s no way she’s going to choose to join Roland and basically give up her leadership role and hand over the fates of the witches under her to Roland.

    I suspect the island is going to be attacked by the devils/demons sometime in the future, the witches will be overrun and many of them will be killed, just like what happened to the Witch Cooperation Association, and Tilly will flee with what is left to Roland.


    1. Since when is Tilly paranoid of all things non witch? She has a pretty good relationships with the mundane residents of the Fjord, how else can she sustain Sleeping Islands with trade? She’s on friendly terms with Thunder and other sailor/explorer too.

      If we’re talking about the church infested kingdoms then that’s healthy, proper caution lol.

      And i’m really confused, since when did Tilly was seen as prideful or emotional? A little inferiority complex to Roland was expected and tolerable but all her decision making has been sound so far.
      ….so why the sudden rush of detractors? Just because she dare to reject the mc?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m hardly a detractor. Her decision is quite sound considering her personality. I’m merely saying that, considering the track record in most Chinese novels regarding people that reject MC offers, she’s likely going to get almost wiped out sometime in the future.


  18. Doesn’t matter. At the rate things are going this war will expand to navel warfare in 2-3 years and Sleeping Island will turn into a Navy port regardless of what Tilly decides.


  19. Roland is a bit stupid in his argument too, with i’m your brother stuff, i mean his sister tried to poison him, his brother dream of bringing him down and even executed another brother, and don’t even mention how the old roland treated tilly.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Agreed, Roland for some reason look stupid now… if he wants to convince her, he needs a bigger gun, like realy-realy-bigger-gun, something as powerful as a superweapon in deathstar lol, nah ah, at scale of atomic bomb is enough kahahahat.


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