361 – Expansion


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According to the written records, the most important part of large-scale nitroglycerin manufacturing was temperature control, since a large exothermic reaction could easily cause the sensitive explosives to blow up. As long as the temperature of the large reaction container was constant, you could safely produce nitroglycerin in bulk.

The laboratory tried using ice to decrease the temperature, however they lacked the ability to mass produce it— The heat transfer effect of ice water was limited, and when met with a big exothermic reaction, the cooling rate was very slow. It also consumed the ice very fast, making the production troublesome.

But Agatha’s Ice Coffin could easily produce temperatures hundreds of degrees below the freezing point of water, it would be without doubt, the perfect cooling method for the container.

Roland didn’t know if his prediction was going to be reliable, but that would not prevent him from trying. Even if there were an incident, Nana would be there as a last insurance.

After returning to the office, he wrote an introduction letter then gave it to one of his personal guards, and had him take Agatha to the chemical laboratory to deliver the letter to Kyle Sichi’s hand.

In the letter, in addition to explaining Agatha’s ability, he also made up a false background of a careless noble who became destitute and wandered here. He hoped this would serve to make the Alchemist control his temper, and treat the witch as someone who could bring enormous help to the chemical experiment.

After the guard left, Roland was still a little worried, Kyle had a straightforward personality, and Agatha was a conceited witch from ancient times. I hope they don’t quarrel too much.

As he was wondering if he should go to the laboratory in person, Scroll opened the door and walked in.

“Your Highness, the results of the second batch of the popular education exams came out,” her eyes were smiling, “this time, there were seven hundred and sixty-two people who qualified, and also half of them are adults.”

“This many?” Roland’s heart was jumping in joy.

Compared with the first group of 50 children from Karl’s school, half the graduating students being adults meant that the night school program was starting to bear fruit. At the same time, it confirmed the big role the Ministry of Education had played in this progress, the learning time was shortened among other things, showing the feasibility of the teaching programs the Ministry developed.

“Yes, you have been promoting general education for almost half a year. This group of students had an age generally under 25, and grasping the basic reading and writing was not a difficult thing.”

It’s probably related to the text itself, if i had replaced them with Chinese it would not have been so quick. Roland thought, Although I always felt this worm-like text was too awkward.

When the introduction of general education began, he was not so confident to what extent it would spread— It was the first time this was implemented in Greycastle, so there was no precedent to follow.

In accordance with the principles of encouragement and subsidy, he discussed it with Scroll for a long time. Setting up daytime classes for children and a night school program for the working class, as well as supplementing it with a series of incentive policies to help lure workers into coming to study. And right now, the effect it had was unexpectedly quite good.

Of course, the main figure could not be left out, the responsible management of Scroll.

“You’ve really worked hard.” Roland nodded.

“It is my pleasure to serve you, Your Highness.” She gave a slight bow.

As the oldest witch of the Witch Union, Roland found it hard to compare her to the younger ones like Anna or Lightning— Scroll gave him a sense of diligence, clear and orderly. When discussing a problem, she could listen to your thoughts quietly, but would also point the mistakes in a straightforward way. He would sometimes feel like the younger one when in front of her.

Probably… she was born to be a teacher. Roland smiled and shook his head as he put these thoughts aside.

In short, with this new work force, the factories he had been arranging for a long time could finally begin to operate.

“Could you help me call Barov.” he said cheerfully.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

The City Hall Chief Minister quickly arrived at the castle.

Since he began working in city matters, his workload increased day by day, even the blank area in his forehead was growing bigger and the wrinkles in his face increased in numbers. Yet, his face did not show tiredness or sleepiness, and his spirit was radiating.

“Your Highness, were you looking for me to start doing recruitment work?” the other party was also aware of the town’s new graduate group, so he took the initiative to ask.

“Yes,” Roland nodded while saying, “taking advantage that this year’s Months of Demons came earlier, and that Timothy currently cannot attack the western region, I want to expand the size of Border Town’s army in preparation for next year’s war. Simultaneously, I want to increase the number of the current factory workers.

“And the City Hall too,” he hurriedly added, “after expanding the territory, your scope of work will also increase from five to six times. The City Hall personnel should also be scaled to an appropriate size, in order to manage such broad land.

“Rest assured,” the prince smiled, “I’ve not forgotten your suggestion.” He drew out a piece of paper and started writing as he spoke, “Of the little over 700 people graduating this time, the City Hall shall provide 20% of the jobs, 40% should go to the acid manufacturing factory, and as for the remaining people, they are to be absorbed by the steam engine factory and the bicycle factory. Also, the bicycle factory needs at least 100 people. The salary should be in accordance with the previous standards, although the one for the acid manufacturing factory can be slightly raised, just be sure to fill in the required numbers as soon as possible.”

As for the soap and perfume factories, its main work was done by witches, so common people only needed to do a few simple steps, thus it was not a requirement to be literate to complete the operations so it was not included.

Roland believed that education not only improved the knowledge and vision of people, but it also gave them a sense of responsibility and social identity, this was the real meaning of enlightenment. That’s the reason the factory needed a lot of basic education— of workers who have opened up to more social attributes, came more understanding of the importance of social collaboration, altruism and self-awareness, than those more ignorant and illiterate. This was critical to the wide range of steps of the complex process and fine work.

“Yes, Your Highness.” Barov continued, “How many people will the army’s expansion need?”

“At least one thousand people, open the recruitment to newly promoted citizens and east border refugees.” Roland instructed, “Same as always, the City Hall will release the bulletin, and the First Army will be responsible for interviewing and hiring.”

“A… thousand people?” Barov was startled by the unexpected number, “This number is the same as the current number of the First Army, Your Highness. If they are to be equipped with supplies and weapons as per army’s specifications, the cost would not be low.”

“I already considered that, just do it.”

Now knowing the impending crisis of the Devils’ invasion, he could not move as slow as before. In addition to incorporating the entire West region into his own domain, as soon as next spring came, the first thing he needed to do was to completely rout Timothy.

As long as he destroyed his brother’s political power, even if he didn’t occupy the rest of the lands, this western region’s new town would without doubt become the new Kingdom’s capital. And whether it was expanding the population, or independently acting to promote trade, there was not much he could do right now.

But he had no need to disclose these plans to Barov, he only needed to arrange the financial support and the material distribution himself.

After the City Hall Chief Minister left, a guard brought a new message.

Margaret’s caravan had arrived.




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49 thoughts on “361 – Expansion

  1. “it’s definitely too early to replace them with Chinese”.
    I understand why he wanna change their language to Chinese but I have to disagree with the author at this point. To me, Chinese is not good for expanding education, Alphabet is definitely better bc it’s simpler to learn and create words.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Alphabet is definitely simpler to learn, since you only need to remember 26+ letters to represent thousands of concept in contrast to Chinese’s 1-character-1-concept,

      Even much simpler, though, are Japanese katakana and hiragana, Arabic, and the likes, where one letter symbolizes one syllable, since apparently it is more intuitive thus easier to learn for children, or illiterate, for that matter


        1. I seriously doubt someone with such extensive knowledge of industrialization and its history, which mainly unfolded in Europe, to not have at least adequate knowledge of English

          Liked by 3 people

          1. More importantly, he doesn’t need to know english. He only needs to know the alphabet, and if he doesn’t know all of it he can make up characters for sounds he doesn’t remember. The alphabet can be adapted to the spoken language of the country he lives in. He is not trying to change the spoken language, only the writing, and that will be much easier at the early stage when there aren’t that many people who know how to read or write, than later when the masses know how to read and write, since at that point he would need to convince all the people who already went through the effort to learn the current style to go through it again for a new style.

            As an added bonus, introducing the alphabet can act as a sort of “code” for him to help prevent spying, since by using the alphabet the only way someone would be able to read documents would be by going through the education system or getting someone who has to teach them/read them. This means that by doing some checks on who gets accepted in the schools he can reduce the chances of his secrets leaking.


    2. Yeah, where as you could already be teaching children much more broadly with all kinds of different school subjects. Instead, children learning a writing system like Chinese or even worse; Japanese, would have to learn the characters and their pronounciation to a much older age, which would shift attention from other school subjects to their language. Not that it couldn’t work fine, but I’m somewhat skeptical. I guess it might work as a secret, coded language to be used between Roland’s spies or intelligence officers(if he even has these kinds of things in organized form yet) in letters etc. to make sure even if the letter would be taken or stolen from a spy, no one would be able to decipher it no matter the information on the letter.

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      1. To be honest that it’s really dumb beyond believe, btw seinv, ppl think u were hit by truck san in the tsuki comment section, in the new novel section xD

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      2. It would make a lot more sense if he modified the letters to be more simplistic like the alphabet (they don’t necessarily have to be the same). Just straight out changing the characters to a spoken language they don’t have any connection to would just cause massive confusion and would be highly stupid. hell it makes more sense to create a whole new system of characters then to enact this misguided waste of time. hopefully the author will realize how stupid that would be and drops this train of thought in the future.


        1. Well the citizens already “speak” chinese they are just gonna reform the written language since roland found the wormy text unpleasant to learn


          1. Huh?
            I thought Roland is simply able to understand their language because his memories merged with the prince’s.


          2. Mini spoiler, don’t read if you dont like.
            I think he was. I’m at chapter 831, and iirc he didn’t mention a word about it.


    3. I find this pretty hilarious since Chinese children as well as illiterate adults are taught Pinyin(Romanized Chinese) so that they can more easily learn how to use standard Chinese. they literally learn an alphabetical system to make it easier to understand their own language.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. yeah but he definitely knows Pinyin (they teach it in schools and it is used on the chinese internet extensively) so he could try to create a romanized version of this worlds language in order to make it easier to learn.


    4. Indeed, as many people commented, Chinese is not that easy and there’s not really a reason for him to want to change the national language when every human in the know world already conveniently uses the same language. I think that’s the second time roland makes those dubious nationalistic suggestions, like that time he wanted to popularize the use of chopsticks when everyone outside the castle had something like grain soup for dinner. Hopefully none of those ideas will go on.


      1. So it happens that this particular Roland comment about Chinese was actually a translation error, well… at least it got a bunch of people angry and inclined to talk about it.


  2. I get the feeling that Roland is slowly beginning to treat witches like sweatshop workers. Phenominally well paid sweatshop workers who sleep in the royal castle, of course, but human machines of production nonetheless.

    Also, if you have a euphemism working language in place, don’t just arbitrarily give yourself more work by making people learn a euphemism new one!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hope that Margaret’s caravan not bringing any spies after all this time….

    “Although I always felt this worm-like text was too hard on the eyes”, wtf… really? lol … try to write small text then compare it with alphabet, whos hard on the eyes now…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have to disagree. worm like texts are very easy imo, at least in Arabic. Each letter represents a syllable. The only reason Arabic is considered hard is because its grammar is on a whole ‘nother level compared to its alphabet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aramaic has a distinct purpose in that it is the only language angels cannot understand, so any difficulty in learning it is worthwhile effort if you need to hide plans from Uriel or such. Roland should def go with that one instead.


    2. Arabic is considered hard because there’s a huge distinction between the pan-Arabic written system (Fusha) and the regional spoken Arabic dialects. Even just for the spoken language, there’s no mutually intelligibility between remote dialects. So having a common script that relates more to a 1200yr/old religious text than the spoken language isn’t doing anyone any good.

      English, btw, is pretty bad too since it’s not 1-to-1 spelling-to-speech. Lots of borrowed French, Latin and Greek words that use the original spelling instead of how native English speakers pronounce the words.

      Overall, the best writing systems are all recently reformed phonetic ones: http://www.worldatlas.com/articles/the-highest-literacy-rates-in-the-world.html

      In that sense, Roland couldn’t be more wrong regarding the introduction of the Chinese script.


  5. Thanks for the chapter.
    I’m highly anticipating “Chapters of Kyle Sichi and Agatha” in the future. They should be fun. I want them to be fun. Hope they are fun?
    I miss “Miss. May’s romance” chapters too. 🙂


    1. The problem of incest lies with the genes and not with memories or family ties.
      But witches can’t have children in the first place… so, whatever.


  6. change it to chinese? are you mad? I tried it and it is terrible for learning. You need to learn image + reading + meaning compared to only meaning in roman letter languages


  7. You know, I’m really curious how the chinese audience reacted to the author casually dropping in the idea of introducing the chinese characters for writing? It seems like such a questionable thing to do, I wonder if any chinese readers picked up on it :))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OK, I’m a Chinese reader. I read this chapter again in Chinese just now. But I didn’t see Roland wanted to introduce Chinese characters here. He still kept origenal “worm-like” writing. He also considered Chinese too hard to learn. He thought if he teached students Chinese, they can’t learn so quick (half year). (Actually it may needs 3-4 years.) It likes a kind of complaint – Chinese is so hard – almost every Chinese has this opinion.

      Liked by 1 person

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